Virago Nebbiolo 2014

Meticulous canopy management was required during the scorching summer of 2014 to protect our Northern Italian natives. We learned from our 2012 warm vintage that a bit of extra time in bottle softens the primary fruit intensity of the wine, and allows the secondary characteristics ( that we love) of Nebbiolo to blossom.

Our goal is to release our Nebbiolo when it is at the start of its prime drinking window, and we think it is FINALLY ready to be in your glass! The 2014 Virago Nebbiolo still has lots of cherry and plum on the palate, but with leathery, spicy overtones, intertwined with a lovely floral aroma, and impressive chalky tannin that makes this a delectable Nebbiolo. As always, a perfect match for carne, funghi, tartufo based dishes!

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Review: James Halliday | Australian Wine Companion