The Wine

NEBBIOLO is our sole focus at Virago. We currently have three unique vintages available in our online cellar. The 2013 La Mistura Nebbiolo is a delicate wine, a perfect introduction for first time Nebbiolo drinkers. The 2012 Virago Nebbiolo is a big, bold, fruit driven Australian Nebbiolo. The 2011 Virago Nebbiolo is an aromatic floral wine […]

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The News & Reviews

Virago news is always Nebbiolo and Beechworth centric, our two passions! Our latest reviews include Nebbiolo – Lifting the Fog by Dr Michael Ryan and a review from our favourite wine writer, Jancis Robinson. Sharing the love of Beechworth, we have several mixed six packs including Beechworth Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay,  for your drinking […]

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The Vignerons

Karen Coats was a tax accountant in her previous life, but her passion for Nebbiolo and the Beechworth wine region have made Virago Vineyard her new office of choice. Karen is one course away from adding a Bachelor of Wine Science to her degree collection. Prue Keith is an orthopaedic surgeon by day, night, and weekend, and […]

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The Winemaker

Rick Kinzbrunner at Giaconda needs no introduction to Chardonnay lovers in Australia (and the world). The most rewarding day of the year at Virago is the day that we drive our ute up the Beechworth road to the Giaconda winery with bins full of our Nebbiolo grapes! Rick may be best known for his Giaconda Chardonnay and […]

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The Vineyard

First planted in 1945 by a local Italian vigneron, and then purchased and expanded by Brown Brothers in 1950, Virago Vineyard has a long viticultural history, in Australian terms.  Unfortunately, only the terracing remained from the original vineyards, our two thousand Nebbiolo vines were planted in 2007. Virago Vineyard is planted on a moderately inclined, […]

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The Grape

Tantalising, intensely aromatic, robust tannins, rose petals, autumn undergrowth, haunting bouquet, savoury, all describe this unique grape variety. Nebbiolo is considered by most to be Italy’s most noble red grape, often called the “King of Italian Wines”. The Piemonte region of northern Italy is the viticultural home of Nebbiolo, with history dating back to at least […]

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